Mr. Know-It-All

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This topic is customed especially for the diehard quiz adepts. Whatever piece of knowledge related to our beloved garbage, can and will eventually end up here.

And why not kick-off with some hard cash! Can you imagine this? A couple of years ago, Ceal Floyer got about 47 thousand euro for a simple plastic garbage bag. And on top of that, the bloody thing was as empty as my wallet right about now. I would like to dig deeper into this, but ther’s no way I can beat the style of Dave Barry.


Ceal Floyer, Rubbish bag

Simple but brilliant

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No credits or clapping hands for me please. I actually just heard about this ‘garbage bag art’ project a few minutes ago at pinktentacle.

It was set up about two years ago in Tokyo, Japan. I can’t believe nobody came up with this idea any time sooner. As they say, a small change can make a big difference (even if it’s probably just on the outside). Tomorrow morning I’ll forward this idea without delay to my home town, that’s for sure. To be continued…

garbage_bag_shiba garbage_bag_art_work


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City snake

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IMG_0342 bew

Made in Belgrade. At the belgium digital forum some proposed me to keep the original, reflecting the city grey atmosphere, while others suggested some extra contrast. Can’t decide, so I put them both.

Treasure hunting

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img_01741 img_0276 img_0279

Miraculous healing

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img_0282 img_0281 img_0283

Voe voaderken…

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Jow jow ‘t zètje,

Kzoen zegn, da vadoage mor eevn vul va kleur meugt zin gelik joenen ‘kadoo’ ieroender. Tis ier 1 bie nachte en ken der juuste den latsten ant an geleid zie. Gelik of da den klinsten petoeter ku zien, nie echt e miesterwerksken, mor lat da astemblief de leute nie bederven, want tis met erte gegeevn.

Je wit dak ‘t geirn kort en krachtig oen (up zie frans: ‘en bref’), dus kent gedopt: ‘Madmwasel met roze botje en e pluume up eur totje, die lik e zotje jongleert mè vanolles en nog etwa da ze vint langs de stroate woar da ze geirn lopt gelik int lietje.’ Oftewel ‘La jongleuse fameuse.’ En zis voe joen!

Nog ne fermen protfitsijat, en ne ferm koppel piepers,



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Contest!! Find the 10 differences…

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A simple pot of flowers

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